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How to be a succesful gamer ?

Top questions asked this week on my video games related blog are about gamers who want to be successful but they don’t have enough money or they don’t know what to do with their skils .

Most asked questions :

  • I like to play games but I don’t have success
You need to be a legend of that game , for example if you play World of Warcraft you need to be a good player to have a good strategy try to play every day and learn strategies also try to search for forums about WOW and read tutorials , tips , strategies about how to became a badass player , try to play on popular server and talk with the admin to get a fuction like moderator and a lot of people will know you and the first thing you shoud get a unique username , don’t copy from other’s because they will confuse you .

  • I had a played very well and nobody knows
Try to get a video recoding tool like Fraps or BandiCam and record while are you playing and try to upload those videos to Youtube and Twitch( this it’s the most popular live video sharing website about games ) don’t upload every game you play try to post only the best games you have , because if you post average videos you will be boring and you will not have audience .

  • I don’t have money to buy games related accessories
The best method to make money with your games it’s to play games like WOW or LOL and upload them to Twich like I said before and gain subscribers and views after you have a lot of views the money will start to flow , for example Youtube pay around 2$ for each 1k views (1000 views) that’s very good because I saw a lot of channel with 10 millions views .

That’s all for today hope you enjoyed my blog post and you hope you take action . Check more information about Fraps on this website